Planning your vacation photos

Plan Your Vacation…Pix!

It’s not like it used to be. You’re going on a trip and you grab a three-pack of 36-exposure film. Over 100 pictures. That’s a lot, but hey, it’s a vacation, so you go a little crazy on the photo-taking and spend a little more on the developing.

Now, 100 pictures can easily happen in 15 minutes. And for vacation pix, that can be a blessing. Digital photos make it easy to point and shoot, and just keep shooting.

But it can also be a curse. “There’s a little danger in knowing you’re not going to run out of memory,” warns travel agent Kerri Stuart of Team Cruises. “People snap tons of pictures, but they forget to get the shots they really wanted.”

You know how that is. You probably had some shots in mind from the second you planned your trip. You imagined standing on that scenic outlook or you had a vision of your kids splashing and laughing in the pool. But then you get into the swing of it and you suddenly realize that the activity you’re doing right this minute is just about over and you haven’t taken any pictures. So you snap a couple of quick ones that will have to do. At least they’ll remind you that you were there.

It’s easy to avoid that trap. It just takes a little planning, and it’s super easy to do. Write down the shots you want to be sure to get. Get the whole family involved. You can even turn it into a scavenger hunt once your vacation starts.

Here are some ideas to get your shot list started:

  • Packing
  • At the airport or inside the minivan
  • Hotel room (take this pic as soon as you walk in, before you mess it up!)
  • Cool places you eat
  • Great people you meet
  • Poolside fun
  • Shopping
  • Guided tours
  • Scenery
  • America’s got talent (what you see out on the street corners)
  • Naps on the way home


Your shot list can lay the groundwork for really telling the story of your vacation. So plan your pix and have fun on your trip. Then, when you get home, take a few minutes to drop those golden shots into a photo book, and remember it forever.