Where is my Camera?

Where’s My Camera?

If it’s happened to you, you know it’s a nightmare. All those pictures you’ve taken PLUS your precious camera are just suddenly gone. Lost. Or stolen. Or who knows? Either way, it’s not with you, and you desperately want it back.

Same story if it’s your phone. Any device that’s really valuable, that has really valuable stuff on it, you want with you.

Well, here’s a way to make it easy for anyone who finds your expensive electronics to return them. Simply take a picture of yourself with a sign or a whiteboard, with your contact info written on it, and keep it on that device at all times.

People are naturally nosey. OK, we’ll say curious. When they find your gadget, they’re going try to find out something about it. They’ll instinctively look through your pictures. And when the one of you with the “Hey, e-mail me at me@me.com if you find this,” pops up, they’re going to know what to do.

Check out how one guy did it here. It’s pretty clever.

Do something like that, and it’s the next best thing to not losing your camera in the first place.