Haunted By Halloween?

Know why I haven’t bought any Halloween candy yet? Because I would eat it. That tiny little hole in the bag, just big enough to fit one Snickers through turns into month-long treat remorse. And having to buy more Halloween candy. Not this year.

But what happens when the sugary snacks overflow my house for weeks after Halloween? I picked some of the best brains I know and got some great ideas.

Candy for Every Meal

Want your kids to quit asking for candy? Give it to them. When they ask, “What’s for breakfast, Mom?” you reply, “Candy!” And for lunch, candy. For dinner, candy. The day after Halloween becomes magical, not just because you don’t have to cook, but because your kids will no longer want candy. Plus, it’s never a bad thing for them to realize Mom was right. You do get a bellyache from going overboard on the sweets.

The Switch Witch

This wonderful witch lives on the dark side of the moon, and she lives for candy. She loves it so much that she is willing to trade a cool toy for it. Kids don’t have to trade, but if they want to, they can leave their bag-o-crap outside their bedroom door when they go to sleep on Halloween night and see what the Switch Witch brings.

Can It

I don’t mean throw it away. I mean let the kids pick out some to eat now, and some to seal in mason jars or number-10 cans for food storage and 72-hour kits. In an emergency, you just might need more than a flashlight.

Send It to a Soldier

Some dentists will buy candy from their patients, and some will take it a step further and send it in care packages to those who are deployed, serving our country. If your dentist doesn’t do it, you can do it on your own. Go to a site like and find out who could use a care package. Throw in a note, maybe even a picture of the hard work your kids did collecting the candy, and share the goodness.

Clear It Out 

Lots of ways to do this one. Pick out the good stuff and chuck the rest. Take out a handful of the less-desirable confections to throw out every day so that the supply depletes faster. Save it for Christmas—use it for stockings or to make candy wreaths and gingerbread houses. Buy it off your kids. Take it all to the office. Any way you do it, it’s out of the way.


As far as I’m concerned, the little trick-or-treating zombies can forget about starting a sugar apocalypse. I still haven’t decided which route I’m taking. But what I do know is, the candy is no longer in charge.
- Sara

Sara Wigington, Author