Party Décor, Pulled Together

Party Décor, Pulled Together

You’re throwing a party, and you want it to be good. Add the right details, and it will be! And you don’t have to stress about pulling it all together. There are so many ways to add a lot of décor for just a little money.

My friend Denise Earl did just that with her daughter’s wedding. Her ideas started flowing when she was thinking about custom tags for guests’ gift bags. She wanted something with the bride and groom, so she went to the same site she had used for the invitations, Here’s where Denise innovated.  She went in and created business cards—just the right size for a gift tag—with the photo she wanted on one side and the saying on the other.

What started out as a frugal decorating option opened up even more ideas for Denise. She ended up using large flat cards to make banners for the refreshment tables, with one letter per card, and then strung them together. She also used flat cards to make placards for the guest sign-in table.

Probably the coolest thing was, all the signage matched the wedding theme because Denise was able to use the same backgrounds and colors she had used on the wedding invitations. “It was so EASY to make everything coordinate,” she told me, “and as décor goes, it was totally affordable.”

Denise’s great ideas are perfect for any birthday party, baby shower, church activity, graduation—any event you’re putting together. When you let your creativity flow, good things happen.

- Sara

Sara Wigington, Author