Say Woof!

I was never a pet person. Well, not never. I think every kid is by nature and animal lover. But when you transition into the mom role, things change. I didn’t need another living thing to take care of. And when my kids (and husband) would beg, my answer was always the same: “I already clean up enough poop.”

They swore they’d do it. But these are the same people who complain about unloading the dishwasher, all sterilized and lemon-fresh.

Then last summer a friend of mine posted a picture of an insanely cute, housetrained beagle who needed a new home. I showed the picture to Quinn. In his mind, she was ours. Once we met her, I agreed. I still don’t know how I made a complete one-eighty, but I love that dog as much as the kids do.

Next came the challenge of getting a good picture of her. She won’t smile for the camera like the kids will. Then I found these awesome tips. Try them, and I promise, it’ll look like a pro took a pic of your pet.

Ask your pet questions. Any question will do. He’ll respond to the tone of your voice and look your way.

If get down on the same level with your dog, he’ll check out your camera and you may get some good, curious-face shots.

Wait until the animal is relaxed. If you’re chasing it down, it’ll get riled up. Catch your cat right after a nap.

Pick a quiet location to limit distractions. If you take your dog to the park and expect him to pay attention to you, you’re in for a frustrating photo shoot.

Keep your camera handy for spontaneous moments.

Use food. Let your pet smell it, then hold it just above your camera lens. This works great with cats.

You can call me a nerd for even caring if I have good shots of our dog, but it’s seriously fun. Try it!

- Sara