Better Facebook Photo Grabs

Most photos posted to social media look just fine. But if you’re pulling one from social media, particularly Facebook, and you want to print it, fine might not be quite good enough. You want it to print great.

The problem is, Facebook compresses photos as they’re uploaded, meaning it drops data from the photo—up to 90%—to control the file size, giving it a blocky look or a gritty texture. There’s a trick to uploading better-looking pictures, and to grabbing better ones too: Save your images in the PNG format instead of JPG.

Facebook compresses photos and usually converts them to JPGs when you upload them. But if you first save a photo as a PNG, you’ll get better quality because PNG is a lossless format, and images converted by Facebook suffer less compression. Facebook will sometimes maintain the PNG format.

When you’re doing a grab from Facebook to use in a card or any other print, it’s going to be a JPG. Convert it to a PNG. That will guarantee that the minimum compression will happen, and your image will print as sharp as possible.

If you don’t know how to convert to a PNG, don’t worry. There’s a handy site that will do it for you for free. It’s called Just pull your photo in, and you’ll have it in minutes.