Ring Around the Cards

Ever wondered what to do with your cards? People send them to you for birthdays, your anniversary, a wedding, graduation, Christmas—everything. And it feels funny to just toss them, doesn’t it? I mean, they commemorate occasions. They have pictures on them of people you care about. Maybe even a personal note to you.

A dear friend of mine used to keep all her greeting cards in plastic sleeves in a photo album. Thirty-plus years worth of notes and greetings. It was fun to thumb through but it was a bit cumbersome. I actually remember wondering how she could stand to keep volumes of heavy albums of cards.

So in truth, that probably contributed to my reluctant willingness to throw at least some of my cards away, even if it made me feel weird.

Until now. I just got this great idea from Emily Awes Anderson, who found a way to keep cards in a way that her family loves, and I know mine will too. It’s so simple, and all you need is a metal ring and a hole punch.

Keep your cards on whatever ring makes sense: a Christmas ring, a birthday ring, one ring for each kid. It becomes like a personal photo flipbook written by friends and family that can be looked at and enjoyed over and over again.

Thanks for the fantastic idea, Emily!