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Clear Your Cache

Everywhere you go online, your browser remembers. Thousands of pieces of information are on every page, and if your browser had to load everything new every time you visited, you would get pretty fed up with load times.

So, to speed things up for you, your browser will save (or cache) some of the files from each site. Then, when you go back, it simply accesses what’s saved and loads it instantly for you.

This only gets tricky when something your browser has cached gets changed. Sometimes that new information doesn’t show because your browser accesses its saved version. This can affect things you’re actually trying to DO on a site, not just the things you SEE.

So, every so often, clear your cache. And really, it’s not hard. Just look below and click the link next to the browser you use, and you’ll see how simple it is to keep things running smoothly, no matter where you go online.




Internet explorer: